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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb

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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb


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Calcium Carbonate Foliar Spray is Xtreme Gardening's revolutionary calcium carbonate foliar spray which increases CO2 levels from 0.03 vol% (atmospheric level) to 0.1 vol% - the optimal level desired by plants. CalCarb utilizes a new form of nanotechnology which allows for topical application, which is applied just twice a month. Often, viewed initially with skepticism and deemed the most unbelievable" of all the products in the Xtreme Gardening Line, CalCarb delivers what no other product can - natural, time-released CO2,without the use of tanks and propane/natural gas burners.

How does CalCarb Work?
CalCarb is a proprietary calcium carbonate (CaCo3) which infiltrates plant leaves through the stomata. Once inside the intercellular space, it is converted into CO2 and CaO. CO2 increases photosynthesis levels, while the calcium strengthens the cell walls.

What Benefits will CalCarb Provide?
In a hydroponic setting, increasing water retention and drought resistance is ideal. You never know when your irrigation system may fail and leave your plants without moisture. CalCarb protects your plants from drought while providing an easy, economic, and eco-friendly alternative to tanks and burners, one that increases photosynthesis while leaving plants' natural atmospheric state unaltered. Tanks and burners create a false environment, force feeding plants with exasperating and often harmful levels of CO2 which is later released into the atmosphere as carbon/greenhouse gases, reaking havoc upon the environment.

The Ca (calcium) strengthens the cell wall, making it more durable in harsh conditions, especially drought. Also, because plants utilizing CalCarb recieve carbon dioxide via the intercellular space, the stomata of the leaves no longer have to remain open trying to fixate it atmospherically. The stomata can now remain closed, significantly lowering transpiration and effectively increasing plant water retention by up to 75%! This means that the plant will survive with less water-up to 75% less water-which is ideal for saving money on irrigation during the hot spring and summer months.

The CO2 content of normal air is around 0.03 vol%, which isn't the optimal level for photosynthesis. In a situation where there is sufficient nutrients and water, and abiotic factors such as temperature are favorable, the maximum level of CO2 for optimum photosynthesis rate is 0.1 vol%. CalCarb is able to provide the carbon dioxide needed to achieve optimum photosynthesis performance - effectively maximizing your plants growing potential.

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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb