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Xtreme Gardening Azos 12oz

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Xtreme Gardening Azos 12oz


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Azos (Azospirillum Brasilense XOH)is the world's most powerful nitrogen-fixing bacteria. First isolated in the Amazon Rainforest, RTI has since cultured this beneficial microbe into an agressive, high-potency root drench providing tremendous benefits to plants. Azos will not only boost root structure growth, prevent transplant shock, and act as a catalyst, sparking the secretion of IAA (Indole-3-Acetic-Acid) and other plant growth promoting hormones, but it will also eliminate the need for chemical fertilizing. Azos transforms your plant into a lightning rod for nitrogen fixation, allowing it to ingest up to 70% of its nitrogen needs straight from the atmosphere. No longer are hi-output growers on their hands and knees bowing down to the market's chemical dependence for nitrogen fertilizer, but now they are free to access the bounty of Mother Nature herself. There is nearly an inexhaustable amount of nitrogen floating around us in the air at any one moment. Azos simply gives your plants the ability to harness this natural nitrogen source and utilize it to keep your crop healthy through a natural and balanced biological maintenance routine

Key Benefits Provided by Azos:
*Extracts Nitrogen From the Air and Feeds It to Your Plants
*Accelerates and Extends Root System
*Increases Root Growth by up to 300%
*Increases Disease Drought, and Stress Tolerance
*Gives Plants the Ability to Thrive in Nutrient Poor Soils Quickly-Inoculates for Immediate Results
*(Comparable to a Tea)
*Increases Resistance to Root Shock Eliminates Nitrogen Leaching Into Groundwater
*(Efectively stopping algae blooms, and dead zones which arise from it)

The amount of Nitrogen a plant can absorb is limited by 3 constraints:
1. The nitrogen levels present in the soil or host medium.
2. The size and structure of the root system that the plant has to "mine" nutrients.
3. The "availability" of the nitrogen present in the soil or host medium

Azos overcomes all of these restrictions by delivering larger root systems, biodynamic soil structure, and a new source of completely
-soluble nitrogen.the air it breathes!

In agriculture, aproximately 90% of the total fossil fuel energy consumed is from nitrogen fertilizer. Transportation to the mill consumes aproximately 25-30% of the total energy and field preparation consumes another 13%. Consequently, minimizing fertilizer inputs by utilizing Azos, would result inthe greatest possible decrease in fossil energy use and its associated green house gas emissions.

Azos is also applied with the sole purpose of saving money. Besides its ability to substantially decrease carbon emissions, it also saves money that would normally be spent on nitrogen fertilizer. Azos helps not only to improve the environment, but also to improve the size of your wallet and your yield. Although Azos has similar benefits as Mykos, Azos divides faster. Azos' many positive effects can be seen in only four days, while Mykos can take up to two weeks before it forms an association with plant roots. Azos uses an amino acid to set the trigger, increasing root girth, length, hair growth and lateral root growth, thereby increasing overall plant growth. It can do all this without Mykos, but combined Azos and Mykos have proven to be more powerful. In nature, they occur together in the soil and have evolved to work with each other to help host plants survive in harsh conditions and thrive in normal conditions. Together these organisms do things for a plant which neither can do alone; more than symbiotic - they are synergistic.

Azos and Mykos work in unison, mutually benefiting each other-the AZOS gets the increased phosphorus it requires through MYKOS' super-mining characteristics, and MYKOS gets the increased, biologically-delivered nitrogen it requires in order to maximize plant growth and yield. AZOS dramatically benefits your crop by allowing for completely natural, 100% biological-maintenance of your crop, while still delivering results that equal and more often than not exceed, the results of chemical fertilizing. AZOS uses the biology of the plant to allow it to absorb the optimal amount of Nitrogen at its own pace, eliminating the worry about "burning" and Ph Up or Down. AZOS brings balance to your plants and with it, comes the healthy, lush, unparalleled quality that only Mother Nature can deliver.

How Do I Apply Azos?
Azos can be applied by three methods, the first and most efficient way being a root dusting before transplant, the second is a root-drench, and the third method is injection into the root-zone. For utilization as a root drench or injection, Azos must first be mixed with purified (preferably RO-Reverse Osmosis) water at rate of 4 oz Azos per gallon. Apply evenly with a conventional sprayer or inject solution through an irrigation system.

Together Azos and Mykos Protect Without Chemicals, Dramatically:
*Increasing Fruit Yield
*Increasing Root Size
*Creating Extensive Hyphal Networks for Nutrient "Mining"
*Increasing Nutrient and Water Uptake
*Increasing Rate of Photosynthesis
*Increasing Cell Wall Strength
*Preventing Disease and the Establishment of Disease Causing Microoganisms
*Decreasing the Need for Water
*Increasing Resistance to Drought and Stress
*Increasing Plant Biomass, As Well As the Weight of BothFruit and Plant
*Decreasing Carbon Output and Helping to Create a Healthier Ecosystem/Envirornment

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Xtreme Gardening Azos 12oz