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Micronized Azomite 5lbs.

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Micronized Azomite 5lbs.


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Azomite is a complex silica ore with over 70 trace minerals and elements. Together these minerals and rare earth silica ore act as a feeding source for enzymes and microbes found in the rhizosphere or root-zone of every soil grown plant. There's an old saying for organic soil ag: Feed the soil to feed your plants. By adding Azomite to your soil mixture it introduces many minerals not found in traditional organic fertilizers. The closest thing to Azomite is kelp, but kelp doesn't contain rare earth silica ore. The minerals play key roles in plant development as well as maintaining a thriving biological soil web. The silicon embeds itself into the root system of the plant blocking heavy metal uptake, and increasing resistance to fungal diseases, like powdery mildew. Silica is a mobile element in a plant, so it's benefits aren't restricted to the root-zone. Silica's benefits include strengthening of cell walls, increasing tolerance to drought and heat, and increasing the systemic acquired resistance of the plant to fight against pests and disease. In all, Azomite is quite unique. In fact there is only one place in the world it is mined, Utah. The name Azomite was coined by its discoverer as an acronym for A-Z, meaning it contains all minerals and trace elements A-Z.

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Micronized Azomite 5lbs.