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Jungle Juice Bloom 208L


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Blispay Financing


You, the hydroponics grower, have spoken and the world’s most dedicated plant scientists have delivered again..


The High-performance, Low-cost, 2-part Base Nutrient Formula You've Been Asking For Is Finally Here!

Here are THREE big reasons why you should pay close attention to this new, game-changing breakthrough from Advanced Nutrients:

Reason One: Breakthrough Plant Extract Technology!

Never before seen in a low-priced, 2-part base nutrient, these plant extracts promote stronger growth and more powerful bloom phases and promise to outperform all other 2-part formulas!

Reason Two: The Exact Ratios Your Plants Crave!

Unlike almost every other 2-part base nutrient on the market 2-part Jungle Juice Grow & Bloom was created specifically for the types of valuable plants we grow. 2-part Jungle Juice Grow & Bloom contains the exact “ratios” of Macro, Secondary, and micronutrients your plants crave…

Reason Three: The Highest Performing 2-Part Formula at a Bargain Price!

Amazingly, this highly specialized formula is also the world’s most affordable 2-part base nutrient system!

Two-Part Jungle Juice Saves You Money And Gives Your Plants What They Need!

1 liter MSRP Comparison chart

When you use 2-Part Jungle Juice, you not only get a better, more consistent product — you save money too!

A Rock-Solid Foundation For Your Valuable Plants…

You see many 2-part nutrient formulas have incorrect ratios or types of macro, secondary and micronutrients. Sometimes they even contain unhealthily high ratios of phosphorus than is required. This can become a BIG problem for our types of valuable plants because they need much more potassium than phosphorus during bloom phase.

And when too much phosphorus is dumped into your plants, it creates a potential for phosphorus toxicity that works against flower production and overall plant health. In addition, too much phosphorous is the reason crops may taste harsh and can hurt your throat and lungs. This is one of the biggest problems you’ll face when using products not specifically designed for the plants you grow.

But that’s not all you get with 2-Part Jungle Juice:

Breakthrough Plant Extract Technology!

2-Part Jungle Juice comes with plant extracts (never before seen in a 2-part base nutrient) that promote your plant’s natural tolerances to environmental stressors. That means stronger roots, more flowering sites and better nutrient absorption-everything you need for maximized harvests!

Rock-Solid Lineup of the Best Performing Ingredients!

It starts with the highest quality Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium available — combined in the exact levels that valuable plants desire. Plus, precise doses of Boron, Copper, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Manganese, Iron and Zinc…

The bottom line is: every ingredient in 2-Part Jungle Juice was specifically selected for their proven abilities to enhance plant growth.

The Ice-Cold Norwegian Ocean Supplies This
Bud-Boosting Secret…

You may have heard Kelp extract is proven to benefit the health and growth of our special plants. However, most growers don’t realize the following are extremely important when it comes to choosing the most beneficial kelp extract for your high-value plants:

Where The Kelp is Sourced From

The absolute most potent, pure and freshest source of Kelp extract is from the deep, cold ocean waters of the North Atlantic.

What Methods Were Used to Process the Kelp

Instead of storing raw kelp outdoors (as is the industry standard), it needs to be protected from Ultraviolet exposure and processed as quickly as possible in a very specific manner to avoid damaging the numerous bioactive compounds.

Specific Co-Factors Added to the Kelp

these co-factors act like “supplements” to give your plants the raw energy they need to benefit from the plant-potentiating effects of kelp.

That’s why we searched high and low to find the right company to produce our kelp extracts specifically for 2-part Jungle Juice. It took many months, dozens of samples from different companies and extensive research but we finally found one company that met our strict standards for producing Kelp extract.

The Doctor spear-heading this company has focused solely on kelp extracts since the 1980’s and has developed a closely guarded proprietary processing system to meet the exacting needs of growers like us.

First, they only source kelp from the deep, cold waters off the Norwegian coast. Then, instead of storing the raw kelp outdoors-in the sun and other elements for weeks at a time like other companies-it is harvested fresh, packaged and submitted to the doctor’s proprietary processing method within 24-48 hours.

The secret, the doctor has found, is maintaining the pH of the kelp extract in a critical zone so the various plant-potentiating ingredients are not hydrolyzed and remain soluble during the extraction process.

Lastly, there are two other critical co-factors-Auxins and Gibberellin- that are added to the extract. These are each individually extracted from their raw ingredients to ensure they’re not damaged.

Using these painstaking methods, the doctor has been able to produce an incredibly powerful extract unlike any other product on the market. So much so, that he has been able to successfully measure plant root stimulation from this kelp extract at only one part per billion!

The bottom line is the kelp extract used in your 2-part Jungle Juice formula is the only kelp extract which comes with a guarantee of its bioactivity and you can rest comfortably knowing you’re feeding your plants only the very best plant-boosting compounds from the sea.

An Alfalfa Extract Unlike Any Other…

Although a common ingredient, alfalfa, contains more than 80 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your plants want and use throughout their life cycle to build bigger, stronger, healthier and more valuable buds.

But not all alfalfa is the same. There can be major differences in quality, potency and performance depending on where it was sourced from and how it is grown.

You see, most alfalfa available today comes from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds. In fact, because alfalfa is a perennial crop and pollinated by bees, cross-pollination between GMO fields and organic fields is becoming more common by the day.

That’s why the one and only way to guarantee the alfalfa you’re using is organic is to go miles and miles away from any and all GMO crops.

“Alfalfa is raised as hay on about 20 million acres, making it the fourth-biggest U.S. crop by acreage.
Only about 250,000 acres of alfalfa is raised organically, however.”
– The Wall Street Journal

Our researchers investigated many sources and interviewed many suppliers before we found a company that met our sourcing, processing and production standards.

Imagine the most pristine, untouched lands hundreds of miles north of the United States—nothing but miles and miles of untouched farm land, rolling hills and nationally-protected forests.

It’s here, near the base of the Rocky Mountains that we found an organic Alfalfa supplier. With the protection afforded by its remote, almost unreachable, location—it’s the only place we’ve found you’re 100% guaranteed non-contaminated alfalfa.

The processing of this alfalfa is as clean and pure as the land it was grown on. First it’s baled, stacked and hauled to a production facility. There the bales are ground to meal, then augured into a mixer where it is blended with steam for approximately 5 minutes. This meal then goes through the pellet producer, the temperature reaching 180 degrees for 30 seconds before being sent to a vertical cooling unit. The moisture as the pellets leave the mills is approximately 13.5%. The pellets are in the cooler for 12 minutes, where their moisture decreases to an average of 9%. During the whole process, nothing touches the pure alfalfa besides steam and pressure.

Then, the alfalfa pellets are shipped to the Advanced Nutrients manufacturing facilities. Its here they undergo our own proprietary processing methods before being ever being used in your bottle of Jungle Juice 2 Part.

The “Phoenix Tree” Extract
With Exceptional Bud Building Properties…

Deep in eastern Asia, grows a tree that has been renowned and used for centuries (all over the world) due to its incredible properties.

It’s called the Paulownia Tree. There are many reasons why this tree and its timber are prized throughout the world:

Asian Paulownia Tree

Incredibly Fast Growth

You can actually measure 1 inch growth every few days after you plant a baby Paulownia Tree. Over 20 feet of growth has been recorded in just one year making it one of the fastest growing trees in the world!

Easy To Grow

The Paulownia Tree can be planted in almost any climate (and can even withstand temperatures below zero). What’s more: once the trees are harvested, they regenerate from their existing root systems-which is why it’s called the “phoenix tree”.

Drought Resistant

The Phoenix Tree can be grown in virtually any type of soil and is highly resistant to lack of water.


This tree can also survive wildfire because the roots can regenerate new, very fast-growing stems!

Nearly Pest & Disease Proof

Because the Paulownia Tree is not very susceptible to infection by disease or pests, it’s very easy to grow and nurture.

By now, you’re starting to see why Paulownia Tree Extract can be very beneficial to the types of high value plants we grow.

With the incredible growth potential, drought and pest resistance of this species we knew there were a myriad of bud potentiating compounds just waiting to be unlocked. So we set our team of Scientists to the task and in a very short time they were able to develop a potent extract of the Paulownia Tree as part of the Jungle Juice 2-Part Formula.

It’s Not Just The Ingredients, It’s The Proven Process
That Makes a Better 2-part Formula…

What’s more: by utilizing strict quality control guidelines, each and every ingredient in the 2-part Jungle Juice formula goes through the same rigorous preparation and extraction process here at Advanced Nutrients.

This means, as always, your product is 100% consistent-from one container to the next-due to the meticulous processes we use to manufacture these products. Here’s just a partial list of quality standards that set us apart from the competition…

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Advanced Nutrients uses a reverse osmosis water treatment system designed and implemented by the leading German company specializing in these sophisticated water treatment systems. Our R/O water is laboratory grade (identical to the ones used at Red Bull® and Coca-Cola®), as well as 99.999999% free of all bacteria due to the post purification treatment that is part of our reverse osmosis process.

Optimum Water Temperature

One of Advanced Nutrients’ secret weapons is the water temperature we use to develop our products. As it turns out, the specific temperature of the water can profoundly influence the solubility of the ingredients. All of Advanced Nutrients products have a specific temperature dialed in to mix with, which means your plants will get the full benefit of the product from every last drop.

Highest Grade Ingredients

Pharmaceutical grade materials, like we use here at Advanced Nutrients, approach total purity so that… practically speaking, every milliliter of product you use is having its intended effect on the plants, each and every time. Also, it’s guaranteed to be safe for your plant and more importantly, for your consumption.

Global Quality Control

Another advantage of buying Advanced Nutrients is quality control. There are many companies that will put out different products regionally. The reason is that local materials are used to produce the product. Not so with Advanced Nutrients. Each of our products is produced, at every location on the globe, using the exact same process and ingredients.


We now have the largest research and development team in the industry. In fact, we are the only hydroponics company that employs a real team of scientists-over 20 Ph.D.’s work for us now-as well as one exceptional scientist with 3 Ph.D.’s-one in microbiology, plant physiology and chemistry.

We sincerely believe, our “competitors” offer good products… for certain growers. But for someone who specializes in the valuable plants that we grow, “good” just isn’t good enough. We want the best and we know you do too.

That’s why we are always pushing ourselves to bring you the highest quality products at prices that can’t be beat.

Still The Strongest Guarantee In The Industry…

Here’s What You Need To Do Next,
To Put This Breakthrough To Work For You…

You’ve seen how you’re over-paying for other 2-part nutrient formulas…

You know that the perfect ratios optimize your plant’s growth and essential oil production… and… that all the other 2-part formulas don’t deliver this… You know the critical importance of using only the highest-quality nutrients with your valuable garden…

You’ve also discovered why 2-part Jungle Juice truly meets and EXCEEDS the strictest demands of hydroponics growers everywhere in quality, performance and consistency from harvest to harvest…

And NOW… you know you’re 100% guaranteed to see the same, if not better results… while spending LESS of your hard-earned money, just by switching to 2-part Jungle Juice…

So don’t wait. Visit your local hydroponics dealer now and ask for 2-part Jungle Juice.


Go To Your Favorite Hydroponic Store And Get It!

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