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Centurion PRO Trimmer

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Centurion PRO Trimmer

High Times Stash award product of the year. Can help replace 20-30 hand trimmers in the same amount of time. Compact and made of industrial components. Flora Hydroponics sells every Centurion Pro Trimmer with the new Quantanium tumbler with sharper precision cutting, non-stick coating, and made of chrome and steel that is of higher grade that most cooking utensils.

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Blispay Financing



Welcome to the next generation in trimming machines, from the company that began the barrel-trimmer revolution with the original Centurion trimmer. Faster, lighter and smaller than anything else on the market, the new Centurion Pro represents a major step forward in trimmer technology. Priced thousands less than the competition, the Centurion Pro not only advances the state of the art in automated trimming, but also sets a new standard for efficiency, simplicity, and ease of use. With many patent-pending design improvements the copycats can't touch, the Centurion Pro sets a new standard for performance.

The Centurion Pro boasts these innovations:

  • A beefier, plated steel barrel.
  • Improved, hardened steel blade that holds its edge 50x longer than the competition.
  • A patent pending, rare-earth magnet system that holds the blade securely in place, but allows for quick removal, and simplifies blade adjustment.
  • Takes less than ten minutes to take apart for cleaning, and requires only two allen wrenches (included).
  • You can pressure wash or steam clean the whole machine.
  • Single 7amp motor with simple on/off switch does all of the work without a lot of complicated wiring.
  • Parts are easy to replace, and reasonably priced.
  • The large hopper accessory feeds your Centurion Pro automatically, giving you more time to tend to the rest of your harvest chores.
  • Easy, Lift-off cover includes work tray, and two cup-holders.
  • You can easily put two Centurion Pro trimmers end-to-end for even faster trimming.
  • You can easily afford two Centurion Pro trimmers for the price of one of our competitor's machines.
  • Improved design, elegant engineering and easy operation make the new Centurion Pro the clear choice for trimming machines. The price makes it a No-Brainer.


  • Blades made of D2 Hardened Steel with hardness factor of rockwell 59, just below carbide steel (others are rockwell 35)
  • Blade will hold it’s edge 50x longer than all other competitors blades
  • The only adjustment necessary on the machine is for the blade, which is simple to accomplish
  • A rare earth magnet system holds the blade in place, allowing for quick removal and easy adjustment
  • Sharpening can be done on site with a hand stone if desired
  • A patent pending rare earth magnet system holds the blade in place, allowing for quick removal and easy adjustment


  • all parts are designed for simple, quick replacement, at very reasonable prices
  • one single motor, drawing around 7 amps (not including the dust collector)
  • easy lift off top cover has a built in work tray, and yes, two cup holders!
  • a low price, large capacity, lightweight hopper is available, which frees up someone having to sit in front of the machine


  • disassembly for cleaning takes under 10 minutes and requires only 2 allen wrenches
  • removal of the blade and bed bar allow full access to all parts of the machine
  • fully pressure washable


  • two machines can be very simply placed end to end for faster production
  • two Centurion Pros can be purchased for around the same as the cost of one competitors machine!
  • all this, and online access to the original inventor of the machine, for any inquiries you may have





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Manufacturer Centurion Pro Solutions Trimmers

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Centurion PRO Trimmer